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D o n a l d . . . c r e a t i v e  c o n s u l t i n g

Here & Away…for all Travel needs…and Dreams

Meet Donald Johannesson

and greet "Donald ... creative consulting"!

Donald Johannesson has dedicated his life to helping women feel better about themselves. His career spans over 30 years in the fashion industry where his unique fitting techniques and innovative use of stretch fabrics established his reputation for promoting feel-good comfort - both physically and spiritually - and for finding lifestyle solutions for lifestyle situations.

Having worked in Montreal, New York, Hong Kong, and Paris, and having travelled extensively for many years throughout Canada, the US, Mexico, Europe, and Asia, Donald has been able to fuse together all these influences within his life - from clothing to living and working environments; to food and entertaining; to travel or stay-at-home relaxation - all with an innovative sensibility and a distinctive, yet understandable flair. So greet "Donald ... creative consulting" with enthusiasm!

Wander through the site and see how Donald can help you - and then don't hesitate to contact him at

"Living well is the best revenge!" Donald can attest to this fact and is more than happy to help others reap their own gratifying rewards, whether at home or far away, through their own application of lifestyle solutions.

Cruises, All-Inclusive Resorts, and Custom Tours of all kinds turn into perfect getaways, events, rewards, and incentives under his expert guidance and intuition.

Whether it be for business or leisure, each trip is enhanced with the most efficient and effective extras or the most exciting personal experiences.

From day-tours to around-the-world expeditions, each itinerary is treated with individualized care, with one’s imagination being the only limit, and keen interest the motivation.

From Adventure to Zoomers, Solo Travel to BFF’s and Groups, any category of travel is accommodated, including honeymoons, cuisine and wine discoveries, wellness essentials, spiritourism for the faithful, and voluntourism for the concerned … and everything in between.

No matter your personal passion, Donald will match it with fast efficient service for stress-free anticipation (always at the best possible prices with top value quotients).

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Planning, designing, and booking transportation, accommodations, excursions, and attractions to fulfill your travel needs (especially for those special dreams) is always Donald’s priority.


It's a big marketplace out there - and if you're a fashion manufacturer or retailer you've got to make yourself bigger than life in the eyes of that world!

In the world of fashion, it takes a pro to help you get the excitement activated. Whether in need of a new Design direction or Merchandising expertise, “Donald … creative consulting” is there to help.

Let "Donald ... creative consulting” also help you with your Marketing solutions. With years of practical experience working with some of the best people in the business and with unique abilities of creative thinking outside the box, you'll find new possibilities in ways of presenting yourself to potential customers.

And don't overlook the all-important, little-understood secret weapon - the world of PR. Donald can put together timely press releases for you about the significant events going on in and around your business and get them to the right sources who will then happily spread the word free of charge!

But don't stop there. You too can create your own hype through the written word. Corporate and business newsletters grab even more attention for you as excellent vehicles for getting your company's philosophy and ideals out to your public.

Contact "Donald ... creative consulting" today at and start dispersing your name to the world. Make yourself bigger than life …

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